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Every day, thousands of volunteers show up at the doors of our nation's pregnancy centers to help those in need. Like the outpouring of love and support after a national disaster, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing communities across this nation respond in such positive ways. Care Net is a non-profit organization that seeks to facilitate the delivery of valuable, life-affirming ministry. Like you, our desire is to give hope.

We invite you to partner with this ministry in saying to our community: you are not alone, we believe you are worth it and we believe in your ability to Choose Hope. As a partner of this ministry, you will be able to give our clients a chance to Find Hope because you are choosing to Give Hope.

Consider how you can make a financial impact in pregnancy care ministry, right here in Dalhart. Donating can be done online, and is quick, easy and secure. One-time gifts are much appreciated and recurring donations help us to make a lasting impact for years to come! 

As of now we are not accepting online donations. But we will soon! Please mail donations to PO Box 502 Dalhart TX 79022