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Isn't She Lovely Campaign

"Isn't she lovely" is our new theme, both personally and as an organization, for the season that we are in. Often I think the pro-life movement is cornered as "those people" who just care about pregnancy and abortion. And while these are definitely things that we do care about, we also care about so much more. We care about pregnant moms, the families, babies, and young children. We care that young moms are valued and that families get the resources they need. We don't often tell the moms around us how lovely they are, but we need to be thinking and saying "Isn't she lovely!" Your Care Net Staff is committed to letting every single individual that comes through our doors know that they are special and so worth it. These t-shirts represent our heart as an organization. They inspire me to see people as people and not people with problems. They encourage me to walk with a humble confidence that leads me to step out and encourage the girl at the gas station, or the mom struggling in the check-out line at the grocery store. It is our hope that these t-shirts encourage you in the same way. And the next time you see one in public, I hope you smile knowing that there is an active work happening in our community.