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Isn't She Lovely

Many of you know I have had the incredible honor of working at Care Net for almost a full year now. And over the past year my heart has been completely transformed and ripped out and put back together again all in a good way. You see, I get the opportunity to listen to countless stories, inspire change, see dreams be taken a hold of, and see hope come alive right before my very eyes. But with the beauty of my job also comes a lot of hurt. I’ve held mothers in my arms as they wept over loss and brokenness. I’ve heard the words “I need help” be mumbled through the cries of an addict. I have sat with women and young girls as they have screamed “I’m just not good enough.” And through it all there is no other place I’d rather be.

My heart has been made bold for the people of Dalhart. My passion is to see hope be restored in the lives of hurting people. And over the past few months I’ve dedicated countless hours to encourage, challenge, equip, and celebrate with so many of our clients. My heart is to speak love and life back into dry bones. My heart is to remind the women that they are worth it, that they are good enough and that they are so so lovely. My heart is to help teach the men to be men, to treat women with respect and honor. To set examples for the ones who are following in their footsteps. Because I believe a family comes from a woman believing that she is, in fact, lovely. If she is lacking this truth, then why parent, she’s not good enough, or even capable, right? Or at least this is what she believes. And I am committed to changing their minds, would you join me? Join me in sharing hope with the people right here in our community. It’s as simple as encouraging someone at the grocery store, complimenting a stranger, and making your life available to the generations below you. So many people are completely desperate for a break through; for a miracle, and guess what, they live right down the street from you, or maybe just across the tracks. Join me in bringing freedom to our community. 

Tiera May 
Center Director 
Care Net of Dalhart